My Short Story available on Amazon!

This is Super Cool! A short story I wrote about a Romantic encounter I had while in Switzerland is now available on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle & Android devices! You can get it directly from and read it on your Kindle App!


A young man & woman meet one night in Switzerland, and an unexpected evening of romance begins. Sadly, they both know this will be their only night together.

Get it HERE! 

To anyone that reads the short story, I definitely appreciate it. That whole experience left an indelible impression on me and to be able to share that with you means a great deal.

As a bonus, I’ve included the pictures from that night as well. Hopefully it’ll give you a decent visual of our surroundings during that whole experience.

DISCUSS: What did you think of Last Night, What A Night? Leave your comments below.


14 thoughts on “My Short Story available on Amazon!”

  1. Wow…  amazing…  amazing… amazing  =)      That was incredible and I know the feeling…   Fantastic Ka.Meek

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